Billy was the SABRIC (South African Banking Research Information Centre) Provincial Co-ordinator for the Western Cape.

Prior to Billy joining SABRIC he was responsible for establishing the Fraud Units for the SAPS in the Western Cape and was also commander of the Syndicate Fraud Unit, Cape Town, where he investigated syndicate fraud activities until his resignation. He has 35 years of Violent Crime, Commercial Crime and Intelligence experience in the SAPS. He was also responsible for forming joint task teams with the private sector to enhance productivity and transparency in the Commercial Branch. During this period he was also responsible for developing training manuals for members of the Commercial Branch for the Introduction to Information Technology and Airline Ticket Fraud. He was also involved with training in the private sector and lecturing commercial crime subjects.



BACWC has been championing the Non Ferrous Metal Theft Project for a number of years, bringing all strategic role-players together to combat this evil that impacts so negatively on the South African economy. Currently the theft of non-ferrous metal, especially copper cable, has increased unprecedentedly despite the arrest success rate of the SAPS.

BACWC is advocating for a tax on scrap metal exports as well as that a unique crime code be allocated by SAPS specifically for the theft of copper.  It is envisaged that a tax on exports would dampen the market for illegally obtained copper cable.  Only once a dedicated crime code is allocated can the real magnitude/quantum be determined.


The aim of the project is to reduce the levels of crime at construction sites of participating companies/members. The WCCP Committee was established to share crime related information between WCCP members and SAPS and identifying crime trends. The project also aims to enhance the relationship between members and SAPS. Since the inception of this project related crime has decreased.