Before joining BACWC Andrew Anthony had a 27 year stint in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) where he served in different capacities, from a combat soldier to an intelligence officer. After he exited the SANDF as a Senior Officer he was employed by Bergzicht Training in Stellenbosch as the placement manager. He joined the BACWC team in 2009.



The aim of this project is:

  • To reduce business robberies by working in partnership with a number of business associations
  • To reduce vehicle robberies with the support and involvement of the business sector
  • To reduce house robberies by including all relevant stakeholders, inter alia government and private sector entities, in the initiative
  • Attend to the cross cutting initiatives that have an impact on the above-mentioned trio-crimes


This initiative brings all shopping centre owners and managing companies as a collective together to reduce the incidents of violent crime at shopping centres. Violent crime at shopping centres has recently shown a decrease.  this can be attributed to the philosophy that shopping centres do not compete with crime but rather combats it as a unit. This project has strengthened its already good relationship with the SAPS, with special reference to the Command Centre.  In an effort to effectively address the violent threat against shopping centres, BACWC has strengthened its relationship with CIT companies, banks and the private security industry.


The purpose of this project is to reduce theft of vehicles and ensure a speedy recovery of hijacked and stolen vehicles. To enhance the capability of both business and the SAPS to combat vehicle crime, the use of technology is of utmust importance. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is designed to identify hijacked, stolen and suspicious vehicles and to facilitate the rapid recovery of such vehicles by the SAPS. The technology for the ANPR has mostly been provided by business and is currently being successfully piloted in Gauteng. There has been a significant reduction in car hijacking over the past financial year compared to previous years, which can be ascribed to the use of this technology and persistent action by the SAPS in combating this crime.